WE ARE SPECIALISTS in asian and colonial furniture of first quality and artisanal accessories brought directly and without intermediaries from Indonesia. We are manufacturers, with factory in Indonesia, we work with more than 250 workshops and small artisan manufacturers. Our products are made of natural woods and with Legal Wood Certificate collaborating with the environment and fighting against illegal logging.


We are specialized in the sale of top quality Asian furniture, we work with vocation, dedication, passion and a different way of understanding interior design, with a personalized treatment for each client.


It all started in 2005, where we began our training in everything related to home décor and indoor and outdoor environments, as well as the care and maintenance of products. Years later "2012" and for our improvement TTemplo was born, to respond to a demand for exclusive and handmade furniture, combining functional and aesthetic features.

We grow day by day with a continuous pursuit of continuous improvement that led us to redefine our product catalog and expand our facilities in a new location to offer a more direct and personal treatment.

We work with oriental-inspired designs and natural materials such as teak wood, sweat, mango and mahogany, and natural fibers such as rattan, wicker or banana, which allow us to offer sturdy, beautiful and exclusive pieces.

-Handcrafted decoration and handmade accessories. 

-Indoor decoration such as: Buddhas in natural wood, natural bamboo lamps, shell lamps, hand-painted canvas paintings by great artists, natural coconut vases, such as lighting items.

-Outdoor decoration such as: Buddhas of natural stones and volcanic stone, hand-carved stone panels, natural bamboos, natural stone planters and garden furniture, among many other proposals.


Although we are specialists in Asian furniture and oriental furniture, we work all styles, send us or bring us to the store a photo or a sketch of the furniture you want and we budget it delightedly.

At TTemplo we fully adapt to your needs. Tell us your idea so that we can shape it or show us some furniture model that you like and that you want to adapt. Everything you can think of can be made in Indonesia by hand and be at home or business in a few weeks.

If you are a decorator or interior designer do not hesitate to contact us, when working to measure we can offer you very favorable conditions for your projects.

Do you have a shop or exhibition? If so and want a Temple atmosphere, please contact us.

We are also specialists in large projects, if you are looking for oriental inspired furniture to decorate a hotel, a country house, a restaurant, a café, or a commercial premises, as well as gardens and outdoor spaces of any size and location.


We know in detail the complete process of furniture manufacturing, from being custom-designed by the customer to the time of final delivery. That is why we can offer comprehensive advice regarding materials, decoration, logistical aspects, import, maintenance, arrangements etc...